Peer support means getting support from someone who has been where you are and can relate to your experiences because they themselves have had similar experiences. People with similar experiences may be able to give others hope and guidance in ways that are different than professionals, who may not have lived experience. Peer services provide support groups, peer-run programs, advocacy, and services provided by peers with lived experience. LMECC’s peer specialist have undergone special training and certification in addition to having lived experience.

LMECC offers a variety of peer services. LMECC’s peer support groups provide a way for people with similar challenges to gather weekly to listen, share experiences and coping strategies, and offer support and understanding. Come join us:

    Current Support Group
  • WHEN: Saturdays at 12:00PM – 1:30PM
  • WHERE: Laurie Mitchell Empowerment and Career Center (LMECC)
    6295 Edsall Road, Alexandria, Virginia


The benefits of peer support recognized across the globe: